Oriental Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Ozark AL 334-445-6000, Troy AL 334-770-4000While keeping the carpeting in your home is important, many homeowners are not aware how cleaning oriental rugs differs. Those rugs are created by hand in many cases and they simply can not withstand the harsh treatment of cleaning chemicals or heavy duty equipment. Our team of oriental rug specialists at Premier Carpet Care can help to restore the rugs in your home effectively. We have many years experience treating and cleaning these types of rugs.

The biggest problem when it comes to area rugs is they can easily show heavy areas of traffic if they aren’t treated properly. Those areas will look much more worn out and faded than the rest of the oriental rug. This hurts the overall appearance of the rug and will cause it to wear much faster. The dirt and debris brought into the home by the way of your shoes falls into the fine fibers of the oriental rug and act like small pieces of sandpaper the next time someone walks over that area. The longer that debris stays trapped in the rug the more it wears away the integrity of the fibers.

Our expert cleaning crew at Premier Carpet Care have the tools and the cleaning solutions that will not damage those oriental rugs. Once the cleaning solution has effectively loosened the debris from the rug, we use the appropriate cleaning equipment to remove the dirt, debris, allergens, contaminants, and all the cleaning solution effectively. This is how we restore those rugs to new like condition.