Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation | Mold Removal -  Ozark AL 334-445-6000, Troy AL 334-770-4000Mold growth can develop in a home for a number of reasons. It is most commonly associated with water damage in a home, such as when you have a leaking pipe or a flood from a natural weather event. However, mold growth also can develop simply because moisture levels in a home are high. When the right conditions are present with moisture and warmth, there is a possibility that mold growth can occur. Many homeowners have heard that toxic mold can cause a number of health issues that range from mild respiratory symptoms to flu-like symptoms and worse.

If you believe that your home has a mold issue or that you may have mold growing inside your walls where you cannot see, it is important to call us for mold services. Our process begins with mold inspection in your home. We will inspect all surfaces and formulate a corrective plan. If unhealthy mold spores are found in your home, our testing process will reveal where the mold is located.

Mold Remediation | Mold Removal -  Ozark AL 334-445-6000, Troy AL 334-770-4000We will then begin the remediation process. Mold removal must be handled professionally and with great care. Mold spores that are disrupted through a cleaning process can become airborne, and when those spores settle in a new location, a new area of mold growth can develop. To prevent contamination in other areas of your home, we will utilize highly specialized techniques and processes. Call us for mold testing and mold remediation services today.